Brochure Holders


I spend a lot of time thinking of and working on brochure holders because our our other site . We stock brochure holders, mostly made in Canada, and custom make brochure holders, attachments and such things.  

Currently we are working on a project that is both simple and specialized.  We had a customer that needed a brochure holder to go around a custom retail display.  They would send out the holder which could be displayed in one of 3 locations.  2 of them were easy to do with our existing parts but one needed to wrap around or secure to a post.   We needed to make it look great, be very secure, and ideally be removable with no damage.    

We could have used double sided tape but once its on, its on and its very difficult to remove and clean the residue off. 

 Instead we designed a custom wrap around fixture with holes that matched parts of the existing fixture.  It is simple and effective and just the sore of thing we like to do for our customers.

These will go into production next week and we will also be individually packing them as a set and labeling them with the customers part code.

See more of our holders over at the Brochure World site.



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