OK,  After the patching I had a night of rain, this was actually a good thing as it gave me another day to lose the itch and rest my back… It was also a good thing because it allowed me to find the low spot of my deck which is always an issue when you convert a deck with slats to a solid deck.  Slat decks are built level (or close) and solid decks are sloped.  So if you are doing a fiberglass deck over a vinyl deck then you likely won’t need to do this step.

Anyhow, now that I knew where the low spot was I could add a drain there.  I chose a 2″ hole and approx. 3″ drain cover.  Large enough to work but still relatively small.
Once I cut the hole (make sure to check that there are no joists below!) I glassed the inside with some cloth tape.  It would have helped to have a 1″ brush here as the 2″ was too big and I ended up spreading the resin with a gloved finger.

I was still I little worried about the top so I end up doing a little more reinforcement when I did the gelcoat.

Here is the end result (and a preview of the next post):


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