Well I must say that I love it when our products get me out of trouble!  Like many people I have a habit of sticking pens in my pocket.  Usually I move them from one pair of pants to another in time or my wife catches them on the way into the wash but not always…

This week a pen that I had in the rarely checked lower pockets of some cargo pants went boom and left ink all over the dryer.  My only saving grace was that most of the clothes had been removed and only a few damp pieces were left for the pen to ruin.

Here’s the before pictures:
And after an hour and about 4-5 t-shirt rags and maybe 1/2 a spray bottle of Removall Graffetti and Gunk remover it was mostly gone. The first 2-3 rags got pretty blue while the last 2 were mostly clean and used to get the last remenants off.  Now, an hour was likely longer than I needed but I wanted to be sure I’d gotten eveything.  Also, what is not that visible in the photos are the stains the ink left in the enamel.  It won’t cause us issues with the wash so that’s all I can hope for.

 The last time I’d made a mess like this I had used goof off and I think it took a lot longer – I tried a bit off goof off this time and it seemed a little less powerful – it is also flammable while the Removall is not.

The end result?


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