Well,  I thought I would pass along the most recent experiences.  I still haven’t gotten the fax to work and at this point I have given up and will likely shut that line down today.  ADSL is working very well but digitalvoice.ca is just reselling it for Telus so no real surprise there.  Phone service is OK but still not 100%.  A bit of a bad thing that happens occasionally is that it will keep ringing for the person you are calling for one ring – its a bit odd and puts the receiver off (I know because someone else here called my cell phone).

To replace the fax, I got an internet fax with a 1-800 number from myfax.com.  It works well so far – even receiving a fax over the VOIP line.  So for the little faxing I am doing I may just fax it to myself and then forward the resulting e-mail to another fax number.  Most everything else I’ll just fax from my e-mail which is a good thing when you have writing like mine!

PlasticWorks is also looking at moving both branches to a hosted PBX VIOP solution which we will likely test out before Christmas.  If we switch to that I may need to turf digitalvoice.ca’s service but we’ll see.


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