Hello and welcome to my blog on the PlasticWorks Website.  I’m going to try and go though new and interesting things that are happening at PlasticWork’s and some problems that we have solved for recent customers.

One problem that we are working for a customer is a Shower Knob lock out box.  The customer is a local care home and they have a problem where they need to cover the shower temperature knobs so that patients cannot start the showers and potentially scald themselves.  The solution that they have been using is thermostat covers but they have been breaking repeatedly so they thought that a Lexan (Polycarbonate) lock out box that was custom made for them would be better.  I have priced out an order of 100 (all with matching keys of course) and now we have just gotten a prototype ready.  The new box, while it may be a little more expensive will not break without quite a large blow and should be much longer lasting than the previous version. 

Here’s what it looks like:

In other news, I am trying to get brochure holders and some of our stock fabrication items on to the webstore shortly to join the newly added Fiberglass tools section.  For now, as we ship Canada Post, we are limited to non liquid items but if you all help out and buy lots we can move to a regular shipper like Canpar and ship out almost everything except hazardous goods.

If there is a problem we can help you solve, let us know! – Graham



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