New Website


Ok, it was time for a new website since we’ve moved away from the online store for sheet plastics. We hope you like the new site and please let us know if you see any errors or need any information that was on our previous site.

Around the house.


So, I’ve been busy in the last year. We moved into a new shop in Surrey and I moved into a new house around the same time.

Anyone that has moved into a new house knows there is always something that needs fixing. In our case one of those things was the simple shower door slider clip (or that’s what I’ll call it for lack of a proper term).

It was the little block at the bottom of the shower door that guides the glass and holds it in place. It was Ok when we moved in but then my son decided that the glass was great to lean against and it broke (or broke again – it had been glued but as it was polyethylene it is virtually un-glueable).

Luckily I have full service plastic shop at my disposal but all I really needed was a table saw.

I took a small chunk of what I had lying around (and we always have these small chunks) and simply cut some grooves, notched out the bottom on a slight angle to match the shower sill and viola – a new, stronger, guide that looks better than the original.