Upcoming Projects


I have a couple of small projects that I did in the past that I will try and post some images of.  The first was a water fountain in the back yard that I made with Bondaide epoxy putty stick and chunks of granite.  Simple but it looks nice and was really easy to make with the Bondaide.

The second project was the rebuilding of a rotten window sill with the Industrial Formulator products RotFix and Sculptwood.  I did that one 2 years ago but haven’t really sanded it smooth so we’ll call that project, umm, ‘ongoing’.

 The final project I have is to try out our new Peek Polish.  It says that it will polish plexi and fiberglass but I’m going to try it out on my wife’s car wheels (aluminum mags) first and see how it does there.  Once the can’s open I’ll try some fiberglass and acrylic (plexiglas) and some other things.

 That’s it for now!