Greenhouse redo


So in this project we got a used greenhouse from a neighbour and friend that had just moved and did not need it..  It was old, slimy and with lots of broken glass....

But of course the glass was not an issue as we used new acrylic (plexiglas) panels where needed.  In the end it took some elbow grease and over a sheet of new material but we have a lovely little greenhouse!

Now it just needs a little work on the door rail, but if you see the shower post below you already know how I'll deal with that one.


Spice Rack


Opps, I thought the greenhouse would be next but I forgot about some other projects I've done.  

This one is a spice rack that my wife designed.  She wanted to be able to see all of her spices on the counter so she would use them more often. 

Something like this would be about $60-70 retail. 




At Plasticworks, we do a lot of sub contracting to the sign industry.   We CNC cut, polish, trim and do lots of jobs for sign contractors.  Generally we do not do a sign from start to finish or for direct customers.  The rule of thumb is if you know what you need and have all the artwork done, we can help. 

The exception is our own signs.  We generally do that so we can 1) get some experience and see jobs through our customers eyes 2) we're kind of do it yourselfer's 3) when you deal with dozens of sign companies who would you chose?

So this is our Abbotsford sign.  Its 1/4" yellow acrylic with pockets routed into the face that matched up to black trim and letters.  The black letters are then slightly raised.   The whole thing was then mounted with screws and some standoffs on the wall (it is 2 pieces).  

What can we do for you?

Well it seems I lost the before and after pictures for this one but here is a great solution for those messy deep cupboards above fridges.  We made this one for our new house after making a similar one for our old house (which we left behind).  It works great for rack and pans though it would have been nice if the cupboard itself was a bit higher to fit the cookie sheets but otherwide it worked great.  

Also in this post is a custom draw 'organizer' - really its still messy but things get less tangled and at least point all in the same direction.  Should have used a bit thicker acrylic though as 1 divider did break after about a year.


Large Orders


This is a summary shot of a large order we did at the Abby shop.  5000pcs for a customer of the piece in the foreground which is the 2 pallets in the background.  Took about 10days, custom packed per the customers spec's.

So yes we do large custom fab orders at very competitive prices.  What can we do for you?

Another few house projects on the go.  In this one I took some old pine shelves that had never been painted in a bathroom nook (for lack of a better word) and changed them to all acrylic.  

The nook was pretty dim so I thought a shelf that would let some light through (if it wasn't full) would help and of course the look is much more appealing than old dirty pine.

Next up is some pictures of the greenhouse renovation/restoration!